Glander International Bunkering appoints a new Trader to Singapore office – Rosalind Liu Qi

March 26, 2014

Glander International Bunkering, a leading global bunkering and lubricant trading & brokering company, is pleased to announce that Rosalind Liu Qi has joined their Singapore team.

Rosalind continues her extensive career as a Bunker and Lubricant Trader with Glander International Bunkering, at a time when the company is further expanding and developing its global presence.

Rosalind has many years of experience working as a Bunker Broker in the Chinese markets and brings extensive knowledge of the marine fuel industry, in both Singapore and Shanghai, to the company.

Commenting on the appointment, Managing Director and CEO of the Glander International Bunkering Group, Christoffer Berg Lassen said:

“We are very pleased to welcome Rosalind to Glander International Bunkering. In the last year, the value of our company’s brand has continued to increase and develop and we are committed to strengthening our dedicated Singapore office. With her valuable experience of Far-Eastern ports and her in-depth knowledge of the bunkering process, she will be a valued member of the Singapore team.”