We specialize in marine lube solutions for your fleet.

Are your looking for easy, quick lubricant solutions? Do you require assistance in lubricant planning? Want to save on vessel maintenance?


Our lubricant specialists help secure all grades of lubricants to keep your fleet moving smoothly. We offer solutions even in difficult areas or at short notice. Our flexibility and expertise are why we continue to be a trusted partner for shipowners since 1961.

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All grades

We offer lubricants for different applications:

Diesel generator Diesel generator
Air Compressor Air Compressor
Gear Gear
Turbine Turbine
Hydraulics Hydraulics
Refrigeration System Refrigeration System
Cylinder & system Cylinder & system
Greases & More Greases & More
Worldwide supply

Worldwide supply

We deliver at ports, anchorages or outside port limits

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Available, timely supply
Available, timely supply

Whether it’s a very specific, limited or urgent requirement, we expertly deliver lubricants to vessels and peace of mind to our clients.

Sustainability is key
Sustainability is key

Ensure your lubricants are compliant with our Biolubricants and Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALS).

The right type and grade
The right type and grade

Our lubricant consultants secure quality products or alternatives that are approved by marine equipment manufacturers.