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Our Services

Brokering & Trading [1]

Our global team can either trade or act as brokers depending on your requirements. Our multicultural and multilingual team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to meet your global bunker and lubricant requirements.

Marine Fuel & Gas Suppliers [2]

As a major trading and brokering company, we can supply marine fuel and gas oil at very short notice, with highly competitive price charts, and the best quality available. We deliver reliably, safely, in the correct quantities, all in the agreed time frame, both onshore and offshore. The supply of marine fuel and gas oil is our core business. Contact a member of the team for fuel and oil price charts and to get your AV card.

Marine Lubricants Suppliers [3]

We supply all grades and all brands with the most competitive oil and fuel price charts and with truly worldwide scope through an extensive network of marine lubricant suppliers, marine fuel distributors and producers.

Vessel services [4]

We supply a range of complementary products and services, including crude oil supply, petroleum bunkers and petroleum services, fresh water and provisions, nautical charts and agency services for vessels in any port of your choice.

Laboratory Testing [5]

We can arrange complete marine engine oil analysis and crude oil technical analysis in an oil analysis lab (in accordance with ISO bunker fuel specification and standards) via our network of independent laboratories around the globe.

Quality & Quantity Surveys [6]

We can arrange quality and quantity surveys to be carried out by local independent survey companies in all the main ports of the world, with prior mutual agreement.

Credit facilities [7]

We offer credit facilities, according to individual requirements, in an effort to meet our client’s needs. Please contact our credit department on +971 4 437 1700 to discuss your credit requirements.

Advisory services [8]

We offer expert professional advisory services to shipping companies from all over the world on bunker and marine lubricant products; their availability, bunker fuel price charts and lubricant price charts, contract options, marine fuel supply methods and much more.

Choosing the right location, supplier and product as well as optimising the timing of the purchase can keep fuel prices lower and make the vessel’s voyage profitable rather than loss making.

Our skilled team of dedicated bunker services experts are in position to guide you through the fuelling process. Please contact us any time for expert guidance to find the bunker and lubricant service that suits your particular vessel and voyage.

Risk management [9]

Global energy markets regularly fluctuate causing movement in fuel price, risk management helps you to minimise your risk, stabilise your business and protects you from unexpected changes in the cost of fuel.

Our finance team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals who constantly monitor all the major oil markets worldwide. In doing so they are able to provide you with vital, up-to-date information and are well adept to react to volatile market changes.

Fixed Price Agreement (FPA)
You and Glander International Bunkering agree upon the future price of physically delivered bunker fuel based on product, delivery port, contact period, volumes and delivery terms. There is no financial settlement – you simply pay the agreed price, no matter what the spot price is at the time. The bunkers are then supplied and invoiced according to the agreed terms.

Floating Price
A floating price, also known as a formula or index based price, allows you to follow the bunker fuel trading price and log in at a price when you find it most attractive. By basing the available price on formulas rather than fixed priced, you have the control to track the oil market and in turn seize opportunities as and when they arise.

Average Price of Month
This is the pricing methodology whereby you agree on an index +/- a premium or rebate to calculate your average. You must agree to a fixed volume, at a certain port and during a fixed period of time. This solution protects you from marine fuel price fluctuations and simultaneously ensures that you are always buying on a market related price.