October 6th 2016 marks the official rebranding of Valhalla Marine Sarl to Glander International Bunkering (Geneva) Sàrl

October 6, 2016

Valhalla Marine Sarl, Geneva is pleased to announce that it has officially changed name to Glander International Bunkering (Geneva) Sàrl as of October 6th 2016. This positive development for the Glander International Bunkering group signifies its dedication to building a brand, which is recognized globally and is also able to engage with clients at a local level. Local access at a global level is at the forefront of all brand development strategies at Glander International Bunkering and by maintaining this viewpoint, the firm will have access to increased geographical coverage. With a stronger corporate identity comes increased access to business professionals and a distinguished platform which leads to stronger purchasing power.

Gregory John Dann, Managing Director in Geneva, comments:

“Brand equity plays a big role for the Glander International Bunkering group and we believe that by investing in and managing our brand well, there is major scope to command a strong global stance. The past two years with Glander International Bunkering has proven to enable a seamless transition into the international market and we are excited to officially rebrand to Glander International Bunkering (Geneva) Sàrl.”

On 17th November 2014, Glander International Bunkering acquired the company, Valhalla Marine Sarl, marking the first European office for the group. Post-acquisition and after more than two years operating under the group, Valhalla Marine Sarl is ready to rebrand to Glander International Bunkering (Geneva) Sàrl. The group, with the name change of Valhalla Marine Sarl, is focused on creating a distinct brand identity, synonymous with global presence and industry leadership.

The rebranding heralds a successful transition period by which an already strong and well respected European company, such as Valhalla Marine Sarl, has come together with a global entity in order to further streamline its’ client services.

Commenting on the rebranding Christoffer Berg Lassen, Managing Director and CEO of Glander International Bunkering said:

“We have been extremely pleased with the results of the Geneva acquisition and the name change will bring on board a further upsurge of opportunities for both parties. The rebrand will further improve client services, as a result of increased access to the European markets and a broader mix of knowledge, experience and skill sets under the one brand.”

Info about Glander International Bunkering:

Initially established in 1961, Glander International Bunkering is one of the largest and most respected bunker trading and brokering firms in the world. Serving over a thousand clients in all major ports, the company is known for its integrity, professionalism and enduring business relationships. Stemming from one of the oldest shipping companies in the world, Glander International Bunkering is an expert in assisting clients with purchasing the highest quality products in a cost-effective manner.

Glander International Bunkering operates globally from seven locations, Dubai, Mumbai, Singapore, Florida, Brazil, Norway and Geneva, providing coverage across all markets and time zones.

Serving you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through a global network of offices and associates, Glander International Bunkering is your partner in success.

All Staff Contact Information will be available on our website: www.gibunkering.com

For further information and press queries please contact:
Christoffer Berg Lassen – Managing Director and CEO of Glander International Bunkering Group
Email: cbl@gibunkering.com