Glander International Bunkering strengthens offshore ambitions with new Head of Offshore role

January 3, 2024

Global bunker trading firm, Glander International Bunkering announced today the appointment of Danni Gregersen as the new Head of Offshore. The strategic move reflects the company’s commitment to boost its expertise and service quality in the offshore segment.

Since joining the company in 2017, Danni Gregersen has demonstrated an exceptional understanding of bunker solutions in the Offshore, Government and Navy segments and his journey within the company has been marked by notable achievements. He progressed from his role as an Offshore Team Leader to Sales Manager in February 2022, where he successfully led a team of 15 bunker traders in Dubai.

Morten Langthjem, CCO of Glander International Bunkering, expresses confidence in Gregersen’s leadership: “Danni will be responsible for shaping our offshore division, overseeing performance and growth of our teams across the globe. He will ensure exceptional service and value to our offshore clients, strengthening our leadership position in the industry.”

Gregersen embraces the new role and responsibilities, highlighting “In response to the evolving and specialized needs of our clients, we recognize the demand for better fuel solutions. Staying ahead involves understanding and delivering value to offshore operations amid market changes, especially in areas like environmental regulations, new fuels, emissions reductions, infrastructure, digital transformation and automation.”

He adds, “With our management’s support, I look forward to taking the lead in working with our team of offshore specialists to offer effective solutions within the offshore segment.”

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Glander International Bunkering strengthens offshore ambitions with new Head of Offshore role

Danni Gregersen as new Head of Offshore