Glander International Bunkering Donated Meals As Part of “May Smiles” Initiative

June 9, 2020

Glander International Bunkering Donated Meals As Part of “May Smiles” Initiative

In partnership with three charitable organizations in the USA, UAE and Spain, Glander International Bunkering donated approximately 1200 meals to local communities during the month of May.

Glander International Bunkering developed the “May Smiles” initiative to support local charities especially in difficult Covid-19 circumstances.

In Florida, the Glander International Bunkering office purchased meals and arranged personal care kits for “Love and Hope in Action,” a charitable organization that supports the local homeless community.

Larry Messina, Managing Director of the Florida office said, “It is a small gesture but it makes a big difference. We believe it is important to help people in any way get back on their feet.”

The positive effects of “May Smiles” also reached Valencia, Spain. Glander International Bunkering donated to a soup kitchen organized by Casa Caridad, a non profit organization that provides food security to impoverished individuals.

The Managing Director of the Valencia office, Hernan Ortiz, said, “We praise the efforts and the important value that Casa Caridad contributes to society. To be a part of such an amazing and impactful program is an honor.”

Further, the month of Ramadan provided our Dubai office an opportunity to donate iftar meals. The initiative, organized by Dar Al Ber Society, delivers 35,000 meals to laborers daily.

Glander International Bunkering’s Managing Director in Dubai, Morten Langthjem said, “Donating meals during Ramadan has become a proud tradition in the Dubai office. This year, due to Covid-19, our staff was unable to personally distribute the meals to the laborers. But through the efforts of Dar Al Ber Society, the initiative was still successful and the meals were delivered directly to the workers’ homes.”

For more information regarding these charities, please visit the following:
Casa Caridad:
Dar Al Ber Society: