Glander International Bunkering CFO Discusses Cyber Fraud Prevention

August 6, 2019

Glander International Bunkering CFO Discusses Cyber Fraud Prevention

Glander International Bunkering has implemented Digitally Secured Invoices as an extra security measure to protect customers against cyber fraud. This technology mitigates risks associated with hackers who alter bank details on invoices.

Chief Financial Officer of Glander International Bunkering, David Varghese says, “Cybercrime is a real threat to the business community at large and we see shipping companies particularly targeted. As a business partner, our company believes it is our responsibility to protect them when they are doing business with us.”

Glander International Bunkering has invested in an invoicing system that alerts recipients if invoices have been tampered with. This is beneficial in determining whether hackers have intercepted digital communication and attempted to divert funds into their own bank accounts.

“We are proud to be able to provide this level of protection for customers. This technology identifies suspicious invoices and ultimately, helps prevent digital fraud. But we know that it will not eliminate all risks indefinitely,” Varghese says.

While the cost and sophistication of cybercrime continues to increase, Varghese believes that companies can still defend themselves and prevent financial losses through prompt and effective action. To combat digital fraud, he encourages companies to educate staff on hacking techniques and to implement advanced IT security systems.

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