The Wellbeing Manager’s Guide for Maritime Professionals

May 29, 2024

In honor of Mental Health Month, we sat down with Alice S. Hougaard, Wellbeing Manager at Glander International Bunkering to discuss the importance of a healthy workplace.

She explains that organizations investing in employee wellbeing see significant positive outcomes, especially in fast-paced industries like the maritime field. Notably, a marked decrease in registered sick days suggests an overall improvement in employee health and satisfaction. Read her insights below on how to achieve a productive environment and maintain work-life balance.

Mind-Body Fitness

From meditation classes to boxing sessions during lunchtime, Alice has also introduced unique activities like sophrology classes and fitness challenges to cultivate a balance between their physical health and inner state of mind. This helps employees recharge, stay engaged, and perform at their best.

Post-Work Playtime

Organize social activities outside of work to foster deeper connections with your colleagues. Alice arranges monthly outings that cater to a variety of personalities and interests – whether paintball, a cultural festivity, or a unique restaurant. She says, “making good memories together improves team cohesion which consequently reduces conflicts and increases retention.”

Healthy Desk Habits

During your busiest workdays, plan short breaks to step away from your desk or engage in a mental activity. For example, puzzles help inspire creativity while darts and ping pong tournaments aim to foster camaraderie. When communicating with people in the same office, walk to each other instead of sending messages. Alice has also arranged ergonomics sessions that guide employees on maintaining the right posture while working.

Regular Check-Ins

Alice conducts regular “wellbeing conversations” with employees as a supportive and confidential outlet to discuss issues which affect their overall wellbeing. Even without a dedicated wellbeing manager, you can still encourage wellbeing conversations between colleagues by actively listening and creating a comfortable environment.

Wellness Wisdom

Mental health is also about your social, physical, and emotional wellbeing. She recommends staying updated on the latest tips and strategies by listening to podcasts or YouTube videos. “There’s so much content out there that might help you understand yourself better – whether it’s related to mood boosting foods, important morning habits, or the best exercises for your brain”, Alice says.


How to achieve a productive environment and maintain work-life balance in fast-paced industries.