Taking part in Glander International Bunkering’s six-month internship at our headquarters in Dubai is a demanding task, but one that paves the way for a promising career as a bunker trader. The programme is structured in a way that teaches you about the industry whilst simultaneously training you in core skills and competencies.

How is it structured?

At the beginning, each intern will be assigned a mentor, who will be taking the lead in your theoretical learning. Following this you will be given detailed training on the industry you are working in; shipping, legal, finance and risk management. The next step will be to establish a customer portfolio through call campaigns and joining in on customer visits. Your progress will be reviewed throughout the programme and at the end of the six months, those who are deemed a good match with the group will be offered a permanent position as Bunker and Lubricant trader.

A typical working day?

Bunker trading requires around the clock dedication. As your customers and suppliers are spread across all time zones, their requirements are not going to be Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. You must be prepared to work out of office hours in order to succeed amongst your competitors. The internship with Glander International Bunkering is not about making coffee and copies. You will be an integral part of the team and a key player in daily operations; we train our employees to be the best in the industry and that starts on day one.

What does it take?

The successful candidate must have a hunger to perform beyond goals; determination and attention to detail are key. We operate in a fast paced market where fundamentals change daily, therefore it is crucial that you are comfortable with an ever changing work environment, and will always strive to win.

What do we offer?

Recognised as one of the most versatile educational programmes in the industry, the internship offers a glimpse of life in the fast lane and furthermore takes place in the business hub of the Middle East. Working in Dubai promises one of the most dynamic professional experiences. You are part of a workforce bursting with different cultures and nationalities, and the knowledge shared and gained is second to none. The successful candidates are given a great opportunity to develop in trading to one of our affiliated offices worldwide and furthermore will have the option to relocate at the end of their internship.

How do I apply?

Fill in your application form here today!

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